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About Us

Nestled inside¬†Bite – Grocer, Bea’s is a locally owned and independent restaurant. An eatery for the people, by the people, the concept of Bea’s has evolved at the hands of a grassroots group of locals who saw the need for a community focused, Chef driven neighbourhood restaurant with a vision for seasonally curated menus.

From the oil in our fryers, to the tomatoes on your Cobb salad, to the kombucha in your glass, we source and support hardworking, sustainable Alberta and BC producers as much as we can. And while Bea’s is inspired by a throwback to a time of homestyle comfort food cooking, Bea’s is also inspired by the liveliness of the present moment – conversations shared around tables of warm food, memories made over cups of coffee and celebrations over runny eggs.

Our team focuses on creating seasonal menus that reflect a global influence and reverence for old world cooking techniques. We approach the preparation of our food from a place of honesty and on any given day you can find us brining and smoking bacon, pickling and fermenting, braising, smoking salmon, mixing real butter hollandaise from scratch, marinating, and baking breads fresh daily.

Our respect for the ingredients runs deep and it begins with the strong relationships with our vendors. We work with a diverse group of farmers; from the folks that maintain the traditions of their craft to the modern-day concrete, urban growers. It is this kind of melding together of the old and new that keeps us inspired and progressive in our kitchen.

Bea's Famous Bennies

Bite Grocer - Inglewood Calgary