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Our Café

Bea’s is a neighbourhood café with a comfort food attitude. A space that welcomes locals, weekend warriors and families alike, Bea’s offers a menu inspired by heritage and nostalgia – each dish has been created to embrace a modern and fresh approach to eating. Nestled inside Bite, Bea’s Café find her home in Calgary’s historical Inglewood.

From the handed down family recipe of our pork pastor, to the ‘secret’ sauce on our burgers, to the traditionally prepared and marinated meats – there is a wistfulness and reverence for the process that drives us to approach each dish with a blend of respect and curiosity. We prepare our food from a place of honesty and on any given day you can find us brining, smoking, pickling, braising, mixing, marinating, and baking daily.

Bea's Famous Bennies

Bite Grocer - Inglewood Calgary